Author: david schwerin


La Cena English Alive invita a sus alumnos, amigos, e interesados a disfrutar de una cena casera de acción de gracias con platos tradicionales preparados

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Stay Healthy!

Hi everyone! Este mes el tema es Stay Healthy, que significa mantente sano. En las clases vamos a hablar de hacer deporte, simularemos una visita

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Show n Tell

We’ll talk about correctly using the possessive format (mine, yours, his, hers, etc.) and we’ll do so with our own grown-up version of Show and

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Conditionals with Hannah!

This month we are going to talk about conditionals! We use conditional sentences to talk about things like wishes, hypothetical situations, possibilities, advice, regret and

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Earth’s History!

To practice listening to numbers, check out this video from my favorite nerd, Skunk Bear. You can use these listening questions below: 0:15 How old

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