Last week we spoke about Filter Bubbles in our media and this week we feature a man who ‘burst’ or broke his own reality or social bubble.  What does that mean? Listen and let’s discuss the unconventional approach this software developer took to making his life more random.  


1:00  Talking about lunch at Google… What is Kale and why do you think he mentions it, what does it say about the food offered?    

1:15    What would he ponder at night? 

1:45    What’s the feeling he had inside his bubble and how a bubble is formed? 

2:15 Explain the Facebook GraphSearch tool and 2:40 how he used it

3:30 Who was the first group he encountered, how did it go? 

4:30  In a consumer culture the fundamental question is what do I prefer and the answers determine our lives… that can create a kind of Preference ______

5:28    Fresno, CA, what did he encounter and how was he received? 


How has the random algorithm helped him burst or get out of his own bubble? 

In what areas are you living in a bubble and in what ways can you burst it? 

There’s tons of great phrases and words used in this feature so write down anything you are unsure of or curious to learn more about as you listen.