Are We Alone in the Universe

This week, let's focus on the Universe!

How Small Are We?


How small are we in the scale of the universe? from Bliink on Vimeo.

1:25     How many humans would it take to span the circumference of the earth? 
1:40     How many stars does the Milky Way galaxy have? 
2:00    What is XDF?
2:30    What do they liken the Deep Filed images with? 

An Astronauts Perspective:

The View From Space: An Astronaut's Perspective from The Royal Institution on Vimeo.

What do the first speakers say about the experience of seeing earth from that distance? What adjectives do you notice? 

1:28 What does he compare the window in the spacecraft to?
2:18 How common are lightning storms around the earth?
2:56 What can you learn from the city lights? 
4:00 How could we benefit worldwide from being up there? 


If you like this subject let's go further:

Listen to this Audio clip from the podcast This American Life – the first segment is 15 minutes and about the sadness a man felt thinking if we humans haven't had contact with aliens does it mean they don't exist and we are alone in the Universe. What do you think?




Origen: Check out 'Act One. I Think We’re Alone Now.' from This American Life episode 617: 'Fermi’s Paradox.'